Simplified Marketing Expanding Into New Industry Vertical

​Simplified Marketing is transitioning into the beauty and health advertising industry. According to Shawn, the company’s CEO, expansion will offer some significant new opportunities for the sales and marketing firm.

Simplified Marketing was originally established as an innovative outreach company serving the wax industry. However, Shawn and his team have found a recent demand for their services coming from the beauty and health field. As such, he has decided that they will be growing the business in order to serve this new category of brands.

“The beauty and health industry has been experiencing a major boom in the past few years. It wouldn’t make much sense to not have a stake in that market,” he asserted. “What better time to transition into serving a new industry than at the dawn of a new season? We are excited for all of the opportunities this will bring.”

Growth is essential to keeping a company healthy, explained Shawn. He indicated that a key aspect of executive management in the sales and marketing field is knowing which industries have the greatest need.

“From the early days of my career, it has always been my aim to keep my finger on the pulse of what is hot and selling in our market,” he stated. “I’m not one to sit on my laurels and pass an opportunity to advance my business, my team, and my brand.”

Shawn indicated that he has been searching for an opportunity to take Simplified Marketing to the next level. “As we transition into the colder months, I look forward to a new beginning of what could possibly be my most successful venture with my new industry,” he added.

Simplified Marketing’s CEO Discusses Added Services

Growing any business to include new offerings can be challenging. Shawn offered some insight into how Simplified Marketing will be able to ensure success. One aspect, he revealed, is hiring the right talent to handle the transition.

“Finding people who will be able to excel with this new offering is key to our success,” he explained. “We are currently in a recruitment push. Making any new service work is largely about having a sufficient amount of the right resources. Part of that is having the right people.”

Of course, another component is ensuring that the expansion is desired by customers. Shawn and his team spent significant time validating that this move would result in sustained demand. Additionally, he worked diligently to ensure that Simplified Marketing would be able to add value in the new industry.

“The demand was clearly there,” he concluded. “It was simply a matter of figuring out how we could reach out and satisfy those brands.”

About Simplified Marketing

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